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I provide a full range of Astrology services


I provide a wide range of Tarot services.

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Why offer decluttering? Because with our lives full of junk, unused and unneeded treasure, sentimental clothing, papers papers papers, outgrown clothing, and the ilk , which also means our minds and focus are full of junk. There’s a spiritual bliss that comes from letting go….. we talk about this a great deal in the Spiritual community–in Astrology….. letting go of what no longer serves us so that the space is created for what we do need. This is the physical manifestation of spiritual practice. It is the personal eclipse.

I Ching

$60, Written

This ancient form of divination uses the Ba Gua and coins to cast interact with & seek counsel from Spirit. Using a personally made board, consecrated coins, and a channeled Book of Changes from the Mysterious Lady of the Ninth Heaven to Benebell Wen, I will interpret messages for your particular situation.. This intense and thorough read will not only give you prophetic advice, but wisdom to change course and determine your most auspicious outcome.

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Lo Shu Oracle Bone

$40 in-peron, $50 Witten

Using the Magic Square and a private independent oracle deck using Chinese Oracle Bone, I will give you advise and prophecy based on the 9 areas of your life. This is a general read–not for a specific question.


Schedule a 20 Minute Free Consultation

Intuitive Therapy

$80 for 4 sessions // $260 paid in full in advance

I combine metaphysics with talk therapy. Being able to intuit the areas that are your most fragile, or your deepest wound know as your Chiron, as well as karmic issues & your darkness and light, I can work with you to find balance and empowerment.

Having studied the work of Parts Therapy & Teal Swan, as well as Shadow Work using Tarot for Empowerment, and having more than a decade of working with talk therapy, I believe I can determine your best course of action to work through what is bringing you discomfort and pain.

Women’s Topics

No subject is too intimate or unusual to bring to the table. I do not judge. Topics of specialization include: sexuality, women’s intimate health, parenting, pregnancy, natural & alternative health, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, family/loved ones with addition,  eating disorders.

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Crystal Healing

Consultation for elemental balancing and crystal healing for various energy and health related needs.

Crystals can assist you in grounding, cleansing, pain, focus & concentration, amplifying intuition & psychic ability among a myriad of other uses.

Cat Reiki

Price to be Determined by Situation & Location, Minimum $100

Let me channel and bring peace to your feline companion.

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Price to be determined by situation. $50-$500



To book an appointment, please contact me at

Alternately, you can text me at 910-352-1198 (text only; no calls)

If you are seeking a session ASAP, please put 911 in your text message & I will do my best to accommodate.

After you text or e-mail me, remit payment through either :

  • PayPal for the e-mail address:

  • Venmo for Kitty Darling Metaphysics

  • I can process your credit card information via Square. If you chose this option, please let me know this in your e-mail or text. 

If you’re in the Houston area, I can work with you in person at the The House of Neptune in Mid Main.

I am also available via e-mail & by telephone & zoom.