Getting Grounded

We are officially in earth season—Taurus. The glorious sensual stubborn bull is here to remind us to stop and gaze at the glory of the Texas Bluebonnets in those long sweeping pastures and along the two lane highways that make up the Lone Star State. If you're not in Texas, roses will suffice. Taurus likes nothing more than having a sweet meal and the lounging in a patch of blue, the sun baking his skin, daydreams sweeping though his mind, drifting in the dream of spring. He's planted firmly on the ground. HIs heft digging him in just as those famous hooves will do when he's rilled up. But it takes a lot on a day like today. He has to be really sure it’s worth it. That's the most misunderstood thing about our friend Taurus. He's known to be stubborn, when really he's a sensualist and unless he's provoked with garish matador finery (not to mention the other hideous and inhuman and cruel actions taken prior to the bull being set loose, but that my friends is another story for another day) a taunting red flag, he'd rather just dose in his revelry.

But when provoked? When on a mission? When he sees red? That's when he digs in deep, those hooves firmly in the earth gaining traction for the charge. And the charge will be relentless.

Here in Texas we know a lot about bulls. We know their strength and their power from a yearly round of not just a, but the biggest most famous rodeo in the world (I saw Elvis here when I was a child, for goodness sake) seeing them up close in the Exhibition Halls and in the arena tossing muscular cowboys like a smoked down Camel filter.

This is the season we are in my loves. We've risen from the swampy Pisecean depths to the meadows and sunshine. Life can move forward. It's time to take precise steps toward our dreams and visions. It is a measured time, not one for sailing forward. It is a time of certainty and that which is more material in nature. It is when we think of the Knight of Pentacles—the time to crystallize our material and bring it from the dreamscape into the tangible.

On Saturday we will have a New Moon in Taurus and this will lead the way in helping you progress. The aspects around this moon are gorgeous and will give you the umph you need to move in a forward direction, if you haven't already felt this pull or even if you have. Spring is firmly in full bloom.

New Moons are manifesting moons. It’s when the tine is right to send our intentions out into the universe and then take action. Like love and prayers, manifesting is about intentions + action= Harvest. When will be reap what we are sowing? Possibly as soon as the Full Moon in two weeks. If you have been working on a longer term desire/plan, look back to the Scorpio New Moon six months ago. Like all things in life, we are talking cycles here. Cycles and patterns. What were you trying to bring into your life last Fall? In the blooms of spring and the beams of the Scorpion Full Moon.


As of yesterday, we now have four planets that have stationed retrograde: Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus, and Saturn. Saturn stationed yesterday and of all of the pack, the one you likely will feel the most. Saturn the task master fairy godmother is requesting that we review what we are doing and where we are going. As the outer planet that is closest in, the last one that can be seen with the eye, she acts as a boundary and wants us to check ours. What do we need within our boundary? What is it time to take off of our plate? What can we do to facilitate the moving forward that the Taurean energy? Think Marie Kondo. We want things as minimalistic as possible. Clear spaces. That which sparks joy. Listen to the beat of your heart. That which makes it feel pleasure is the direction to head. That which feels like a brick on your chest needs to be released over this next few months.

When planets are in retrograde they are asking you to slow down and take the time to reflect on the area of your life where they live in your chart, as well as the energy this particular planet brings to the party. Jupiter heralds abundance and luck and opportunity. To be ready to open the door, you must know it when you see it. You must be willing to take a risk. Pluto is Lord of the Underworld. He wants to dive in and take on where the power lies in your life. He wants to transform you to a more empowered position. Uranus challenges you to be your authentic self. He is revolution. He is freedom of self.

Because we are dealing with outer planets here, their retrogrades are quite long lasting. Also because they are outer planets we do not feel them in the intense and omnipresent way that we feel Mercury Retrograde, or Venus or Mars.

Think of this as a slow moving dance. As we waltz through the summer with our Great Benefic, Our Dark Lord, Our Fairy Godmother, and our Tarantino Planet all in deep contemplation, our sun drenched days of daydreaming take on a higher loft. We are planning our future. We are positioning our knights and queens and rooks for the moves that will carry us into 2020. We want to be ready to take full benefit of what Jupiter will bring us as he turns direct and heads full steam to December finishing these days in his beloved Sagittarius. Allow yourself the time and space to breathe and plan. Remove all that is tipping your plate downward. Just as we opt for salad and fresh fruits in the summer to combat the oppressive eclipses of July and the heat of Leo's August, opt for only that which nurtures us in all aspects of your life.

The eclipses falling in July will be with us soon enough ripping out and forcing in that which no longer serves us and that which we desperately need (not Kale, god knows but perhaps some nice Rocket Salad and pomegranate). If we begin the process of weeding out those things now? The South Node will have so much less to tear away and we will have so much more control of the process. We will make Pluto proud. And Pluto…. he is known to reward beautifully in the end.

With much love and all good things,


Kitty Darling