Here we are hours from the pink full moon in libra…..

And I’m finally getting a blog written.

It’s been a crazy busy week. I’ve been working nonstop and still need Hermione’s time turner to be close to being caught up.

Whose idea was it to become proprietor of a business? Certainly couldn’t have been mine.

This full moon. Oh my goodness. Ok first things first. It’s in Libra. And it’s the second full moon in a row in Libra. What does this mean? A plethora of things and if I had your chart in my hands I could tell you a plethora more, so we will hit the high points. With two in a row it’s a double dose of Libra, and Our Lady of Love, Venus who is the ruler of this glorious moon. Whatever you experienced the last full moon? Expect more and double. It’s also a second chance to get it right. Did you come close? Could you almost taste it? It’s right here to grasp, fix, touch, heal, say.

Where this moon will impact you depends on where Libra falls in your chart. Again, if you don’t know think back to last month and you’ll have an idea. Regardless Libra is the sign of partnership, justice, harmony, balance. Venus is the planet of love and beauty and all that dazzles is. She is desire. Your life will be impacted in some way by these. Desire is prevalent here. What we yearn for.

Remember Full Moons also work in harvest. That which you began manifestation work on six months ago you could see emerge, the tiny stalks poking through the brand new Easter grass. Rebirth.

Less than 24 hours after this Full Moon rises in the sky, the sun will enter Taurus. We officially will be in an earth element season and life will take on a more progressive pace. Slow steady careful movement forward, as long as you fit your i’s and cross your t’s. Tread precisely. Taurus is also ruled by Venus so work in the areas of love and money and desire will continue to show up. After the watery fuzzy weeks of murk and then the quick burn of Aries, earth will feel so good. So grounding. The earth will shift and turn and it will feel, well, really good.

As with all Full Moons, the likelihood of emotions pouring and sensitive feelings are rampant. I’m more than a tad anxious as this moon is falling on the exact degree as my natal moon. Yep. Sitting right there in Libra in the 12th house. It should be a wild ride.

And why is it a pink moon?

Per Native American tradition, full moons were discerned by the season. This one welcomed the wild pink moss wildflowers of spring. It’s lovely to think of pink thickly blanketing the fresh spring grass and dazzling the inhabitants so much they gave the very moon its name. It feels like the work of Venus to me—there is just so much beauty in the world.

Take in some on Friday. Soak it in. Allow yourself to be dazzled. Then dazzle your tongue with baskets of chocolate bunnies come Sunday.

Kitty Darling