In the midnight hour.. of the dark night of the soul

It's been a long past 9 and a half weeks, no Kim Basinger Mickey Rourke let's go play in the fridge kind of 9.5 weeks either. It's been a period of Mercury hanging out in his fall, Pisces, for three weeks longer than he's usually in a sign…. and going Retrograde while he was there, too. It's been murky and disillusioning. It’s been enough to create so many struggles and slippery obstacles and shatters to belief systems that many of us have or have come close to taking a plunge even deeper into the shadowy depths and summing up the creatures that live in the blackness: Harry Potter's merpersons dragging us to our deaths.

We have collectively, and many of us personally, collapsed into a dark night of the soul—a time of questioning the core foundation of who and what we are and why we are here. Our belief system under scrutiny while the dementors are raging just beyond one door and a very fragile very high very old rope bridge such as found in an Indiana Jones movie the only other path to take.

All we need is love. Love is all we need.

All is One. One is all.

We have been feeling more One is the loneliest number that you'll ever know…. (the Aimee Mann version please)… and now it's time, my darlings, to turn your ear to that Irish bloke we love and some love to hate:

One love, one blood, one life. You got to do what you should. One life with each other. Sisters and brothers. One life but we're not the same. We get to carry each other.

But that's it, you know. We GET to carry each other. It's a freedom. It's a benefit. It's an honor. I was speaking with a new friend of mine last night who happens to know, as I discovered just last night, my cousin. I was telling her the story of when he was a teenager and he helped me move when I was going through one of my divorces (many stories, not the time or place now). At the end of the very long, hot, complicated day, he thanked me for allowing him to help me.


This is everything.

Reach out and help those you love, those you know, those you see as some of us are dog-paddling for our life through this last of the watery season and our arms are getting too weak to continue. Be a life jacket or even a dollar store float. Get us to the shore so we can collapse into now.

As we approach the weekend, a shift will be emerging. That quick rush of fire that we felt during the New Moon and the days following has given us some drying off of the standing puddles and the stagnant once still bayous are now draining out to the sea. That sun you felt is going to continue and if you haven't felt it yet, it's coming.

This weekend is Easter and with it the rebirth and rising up. There are chocolate bunnies who have ears to nibble and there are baby bunnies learning to hop. Shoots are coming out of the water logged soil and we are reminded that there is hope.

In Tarot, it is the Star card that follows the Tower.

The Tower is ruin. Everything being take down Hurricane-Harvey-like. It is the dark night of the soul—defined by an internet dictionary as “a period of spiritual desolation suffered by a mystic in which all sense of consolation is removed.”

It is emptiness and feeling totally separated from the Divine. It is desideratum. It the consumption of melancholy. It is severe depression. It is a craving for the loss of something intangible; a longing for a distant place or to 'return home’ again.

It's not being able to even find your ruby red slippers much less click their heels together.

It's quite honestly no longer being sure the ruby red slippers exist. Or ever existed.

It's depression that you aren't sure you can emerge from become it also has made you question the framework of who you are and what you believe in… and if you can no longer believe in this? What then is there?

Here's a little ghost for the offering. Here's a truck stop instead of Saint Peter's.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah.

But hold on, my love. Keep swimming.

You gotta swim… swim for your life. Swim for the music that saves you when you're not sure you'll survive….. for nights that won’t end….

Choking on salt water… you gotta swim. Just follow the horizon. You haven't come this far to fall off this Earth.

The Star card is quite simply, HOPE.

The morning star you see at first dawn when you stumble out, eyes bleary, heart broken, your plans and dreams scatted to the wind.

The fire trucks are coming up around the bend.

They'll starting arriving just after the Full Moon that occurs this Friday. We have our second in a row Full Moon in Libra and this one may not be as strong feeling as the last one but expect it to resonate with some of the same issues, events, people, and situations. Libra is ruled by Venus, the goddess of Love and Beauty, and radiates fairness, that which is just, and partnering.

Libra is literally the morning star. That's her? The brightest thing you see in the sky after the Moon at night and the Sun in the day. She's dazzling. She's glorious. She's not only guarded our hopes and visions, she is our hopes and visions.

These are areas, love-fairness-balance-partnership, along with where Libra falls in your chart (see me on this one if you do not know!) that this moon will activate.

And on her heels? Taurus season. Also ruled by Our Lady of Love, Venus. This is, you will be so happy to know—trust me, you will!—finally earth season and what this means to you is that yes, yes, yes….

Things will begin to move forward. That cosmic wheel of life that started to turn on the New Moon, will begin to spin in earnest. Earth is about grounding and fixed energy. It's about moving forward…. actually getting things done and seeing results…. it's doing the work, taking the steps, being willing to slow your ride and take care of details and these details will bring you finally: progress.

Progressive movement.

We have six planets heading for Earth Signs in May. Count them: Six. This much power in one element will drive forward and drive home those plans that you've been holding onto and holding space for and walking in grace with. If you haven't given up the ghost, changed lanes, or sabotaged yourself… you will see the rising of the Phoenix begin to emerge from the watery depths.

And Venus will shine down upon them and healing will begin in full.

With love and all good things,


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