To walk, create, and love in grace, passion, gratitude, and poise toward the alchemic vibration of my soul’s purpose, curating my life to the beat, in this Holocene, of the anima mundi.

First off, Kitty Darling is my craft name. 

I like to think that I take on metaphysics in a Cherry Darling kind of way–I have a job to do and zombies tearing off my leg isn’t going to stop me. I’ve always loved the sky. When Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon, it was my 8th Birthday. No one could convince me that this was not my present. Growing up in the time of the collective dream of space was everyday magic.

What we will remember before we are six foot under or shot into the sky like a firework  is not how much money we painstakingly acquired. We won’t lay there in our death bed feeling grateful for the adventures we missed, the loves we didn’t reach out to, or the risks we were too wracked with fear to take–but rather, we will feel grateful for the childlike awe we felt in moments of magic that gave us flight. Ascension. A one-ness with the collective. And whimsy. And dreams. And connection. And love.

I wanted to be an astronaut.  I studied the cosmos and became an astrologer. 

I am in English major. I realized the Tarot tells our stories and we are the Fool and the Hero all at once. We seek the World, but along the way we find our inner child as well as our inner devil, our towers fall, and we can be left for dead just as we can rejoice with our tribe.

To me,  my work and all of life  is about just that– the dream being our everyday magic.  We can all be Neil Armstrong. We can all be heroes–if just for one day.

I believe in magic. I learned alchemy is prayer and words are spells.

So it took me quite awhile  to realize that my knowing was unique and was, in fact, according to my natal chart & spiritual guide, my ancestreal inheritance.

I hope you’ll feel welcome and encouraged to send me any questions you might have, schedule a free consultation, book a reading, follow me on social media, visit my blog. If  you’re in the Houston Metropolitan Area, that you’ll stop by and say hi. 

If you like what you read here, I promise working with me is more of the same.

I believe the art and science of metaphysics will guide you toward a better existence of fulfillment in whatever way you need, changing your very personal WORLD  and thus, the collective.

The more you are self-actualized, self-accepting, and healed of your wounds, the more you can walk, create, and love curating your own personal vision of the world.

And you might just figure out if your dude is cheating and if your BFF is back stabbing and what the hell job would you actually enjoy anyway. You know, life purpose and finances, and all that…..

The dream that keeps whispering your name. . . . .  that beckons to you when you sit in the parking lot wondering if you have to really go into that job,  how much you actually need it…. . . . . . the dream that calls to you saying “burn down the house,  run away,  move to France . . . .” that wakes you, then you hit snooze and wish you could stay dreaming . . . .  when your whole life is have to and you simply don’t want to . . . .  when you say to yourself, this is not my beautiful house… this is not my beautiful wife… my god, what have I done?

 In one way or another, the occult has accompanied me my entire life.  As I sang along to Stevie Nicks and dreamt of swirling chiffon, my grandmother told stories of  seeing her  dead mother taking laundry off the clothesline & my younger cousin remembered  his past-life death by motorcycle & my daughter talking about living with the angels and watching me grow up . . . . . of course there also were the houses where cats were trapped in an extra bedroom 20 degrees colder than the rest of the house & a dark haired man lived in the kitchen and liked to line the bowls up on the counter while we slept and was often mistaken by friends out of the loop as my gentleman caller……  all of this was very matter of fact.


I look  forward to working with you.

Love, & all good things,